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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So I went out this afternoon with my camera, hoping to notice something peculiar or magical on the street for the noticing game.  A quirky sight or two caught my attention, but, in each case, either it wasn't interesting enough or I found myself too embarrassed to get my camera out.  Then it got dark, so I gave up, and just plodded off towards City Uni for my evening class.

And then ... I saw this:

I leaned over a railing and there it was, propped outside someone's front door as if waiting for garbage day.  There was a brick post to my right, so I couldn't get further over to get the whole word in the picture, even if I'd wanted to. And I wonder - these creatures must be what before consumption?  Cleaned?  Killed?  Registered?  Reported to the police? Sauteed in garlic?

What an exciting start. I'm addicted!

1 comment:

Garlic breath said...

Love it! And Canterbury, is it by the sea or is it just the See. I'd favour garlic - it'll kill anything. And, how did it get there? There must be a story in that.