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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Open House in London

A weekend or two ago it was open day in London - lots of buildings flung their arms open to the masses.  More importantly, you could also wander around the City Square Mile and take pictures of buildings to your heart's content, without being arrested as a terrorist.

I tried my hand at some architecture - the Gherkin (from the outside) and the Lloyds Building (mostly from the inside). Here's a link to flickr for the set, if you fancy seeing them all.

But here's the one I like best: the Gherkin, reflected in a watery silvery way:


alison said...

Did you see the recent tv series on climbing great buildings, one of which was the Lloyds building? I love it.

Sarah Blogwell's Bake said...

Well hello there! No, I didn't see that. It sounds amazing.

There's also a sponsored charity event coming up where people race up the stairs to the top of the Gherkin. Don't think I'm quite fit enough for that but I love the idea.

How can I follow your blog? I can find your user profile but can't get any further.