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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Across the centuries

There's a great New York Times piece out about me and Montaigne this weekend, by Patricia Cohen. I love the way she describes my style of biography - "a delightful conversation across the centuries".  Of course historical conversations can go badly wrong, like any other.  There can be arguments, misunderstandings, bullying, or a refusal to listen.  The wrong end of the stick is always there, temptingly easy to grasp.  But there can be enlightening, congenial encounters too. The best conversations help bring what Montaigne called "a gay and sociable wisdom".  At least, that's why I enjoy reading him.

Some writing to do now - then I'll go out in the snow and take some pictures.


Janymare said...

Certainly is a great piece and love the photo too.

Anonymous said...

I just read the NYTimes article, written by Patricia Cohen, about your book, and will be anxious to read it. It is fun to read book reviews, then ignore them, while reading the book to discover what the writer is saying to the reader. Then I'll have a reason to discover Michel de Montaigne.

David in Maine

Sarah Blogwell's Bake said...

@FiveReflections - Thanks! Hope you enjoy discovering Montaigne..