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Monday, March 14, 2011

The NBCC awards

Sarah Bakewell How to Live 2011 Shankbone
Originally uploaded by david_shankbone

I like this picture by David Shankbone - it's of me clutching the podium so as not to collapse to the floor, two minutes after learning that I'd won the National Book Critics' Circle Biography Award last Thursday!


poetiquejustis said...

Incredibly well deserved! Bravo!

Sarah Blogwell's Bake said...

Thank you poetiquejustis! How nice of you!

Hilton said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed the evening at Politics & Prose in Washington, DC. Thank you.

(I was the man that enquired about translations.)


Sarah Bakewell said...

sThank you Hilton! Yes I remember you! Was a great evening - I enjoyed it too. S