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Friday, January 15, 2010


My head is still whirling from the excitement of the launch party last night.  I will refrain from putting up lots of communal party pics, but here I am 1. looking as if Montaigne is about to throw his cat into my arms from a great height

2. looking declamatory:

and 3. just looking tickled pink:

Thank you, everyone!

I do love a party.

"My nature is suited to communication and revelation. I am all in the open and in full view, born for company and friendship." - Montaigne, "Of 3 kinds of association".

"Relaxation and affability, it seems to me, are marvellously honourable." - Montaigne, "Of Experience".


Janymare said...

Wonderful pictures, wonderful party, wonderful book - congratulations!

Niles McNeil said...

Nice quotes! I am a big fan of Montaigne's essays!

Sarah Blogwell's Bake said...

Love this! It always makes me happy meeting Montaigne fans